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A dragon slayer, an alpha werewolf and a war.

Dragon slayer Keira Harlow is on a job when everything goes wrong. Her twin sister and partner disappears and worse, Keira herself gets nabbed by a werewolf who turns her on in a most disturbing way.

Deep in negotiations with a dragon shifter, Scottish and UK Alpha Lachlan MacPherson doesn't expect his mate to barge into his home uninvited but when she does, there's no way he'll let her go.​

While searching for Keira's sister, a bigger problem arises--the English Alpha wants the position of UK Alpha which Lachlan holds by right of birth and he's not above going to war to get it. If that weren't enough, Keira has to find a way to get herself out of the situation with Lachlan. He might think they're mates but she knows it can never be.​

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