Hunger Moon, An MMF Erotic Romance in the Mad Wolf’s Harem series, #Free


From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Tabitha Conall, an erotic werewolf romance short story in the exciting Mad Wolf’s Harem series…

Fate brought the three of them together. A mad wolf may pull them apart.

In an otherwise ordinary world, werewolves mate in threes, hidden in plain sight. When Bethany, Coop and Ro find each other, they’re ecstatic. But they don’t know a mad werewolf has chosen Bethany as his next bride and he’s getting ready to take her for his own.

When the mad wolf grabs Bethany, Coop and Ro battle to save her while Bethany does everything she can to get back to them. But time’s running out and the mad wolf is just getting crazier…

This 12,000+ word short story is a prequel to the Mad Wolf’s Harem series, which is set in the same world as Protecting the Pack and the Stonewall Pack Alpha series. HEA included.

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Excerpt from Hunger Moon:

As Bethany walked to her new job at the construction site, she had the uncomfortable feeling of being watched. She’d been feeling that way a lot lately. And while she wasn’t usually one to ignore her intuition, this time she could find no evidence that anything was out of the ordinary. She didn’t know why she felt this way, but she wished it would stop.

The feeling faded as she passed through the gate of the chain link fence surrounding the site. She rolled her shoulders as though to shrug off the last of the sensation.

A lot of men and a handful of women walked around the site, all of them looking like they had a purpose. In spite of the nerves fluttering in her stomach, she reminded herself how excited she was to be joining them and to get to play a part in building something real.

She was headed toward the trailer that served as an office when she noticed two men staring at her, their eyes wide. She fought the urge to check her clothes and make sure she didn’t have her skirt tucked into her underpants. On the heels of her mysterious watcher, she didn’t like this one bit.

Then the scent washed over her—newly washed clothes and peppermint and home. In the space of a blink, she understood why they had been staring—and why they were now headed toward her with determination in their steps.

They were her mates.

The butterflies in her stomach doubled while at the same time her muscles turned to mush. Gods, her mates. She’d wanted to find them for so long and yet it felt like it was happening so quickly.

Werewolves mated in threes, always two men to one woman, and they didn’t get to choose. The fates determined who they’d be mated with, and let them know by the delicious scent currently enveloping Bethany. They wouldn’t smell the scent unless all three of them were in close proximity, though, so even though the two men walking toward her looked like they knew each other, they wouldn’t have known they were mates until she appeared.

Luckily, the fates rarely made bad matches. Bethany hoped that would be true in her case, too.

The two men reached her. The taller, broader, blond-haired man stuck his hand out. “I’m Coop.”

As she slipped her hand into his, she had to clear her throat. “Bethany.”

“Bethany.” The other man was only slightly shorter and stockier with darker skin like he was Italian or Greek. He reached out and gripped her wrist right above where Coop still held her hand. “I’m Ro. Arturo. Everyone calls me Ro.”

As soon as his hand closed around her arm, she felt a sharp jolt of lust through her whole body. Coop’s eyes widened and Ro let out a rough laugh. He released her.

“Maybe we shouldn’t touch while we’re at work,” Ro said.

Coop let her go, too. “Especially not all three of us at once.”

She immediately mourned the loss of their touch.

Coop glanced behind him. “Shit, the time. Sorry—pardon my language.”

“It’s fine,” she said. Did he really think she wouldn’t hear men swearing all day long if she was working here? Then again, he probably didn’t know she was working here.

He wiped his hand over his mouth. “Ro and I have to get to work. I wish we could take the day off—”

“I have to work, too,” Bethany said. “And it’s my first day, so I can’t miss it.”

“Here?” Ro said.

As she nodded, both men’s mouths opened.

“It’s a little rough here,” Coop said.

At the same time, Ro said, “I don’t know if this is a good place for you…”

Oh, for crying out loud. Really? “You two don’t even know me. Don’t think you’re going to tell me where to work.”

“We just want to keep you safe, honey,” Coop said. “But you’re right. We need to get to know you. Can we all have lunch together?” He reached out and almost brushed her arm, letting his hand fall at the last minute.

She wished he’d touched her. “Of course we can.” As long as they understood that they couldn’t push her around, they’d be fine. “What time?”

“Eleven,” Ro said.

Someone called to Coop from across the site and all three of them jumped.

“I’ll see you at eleven,” Bethany said.

Stepping away from them was the hardest thing she’d ever done. Every cell in her body yearned to get closer to them and ached as she got further away. From the looks on their faces, her two mates felt the same pain.

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