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One of the reasons I love writing paranormal romance is the heroes. And what makes them unique is not their ability to shift into an animal form or subsist on blood alone but what comes with it…the animal within, the possessiveness, the ruthlessness that would be over the top in a real man but is sexy as hell in a paranormal romance hero.

I’ve recently been reading stories with some very hot heroes by authors like Anne Marsh and Celia Kyle. One thing that’s struck me is the variety of heroes. They may all be shifters, but some are tortured, some struggle to keep their human halves from being subsumed by their wolf half, while others are in-charge and in-control alphas no matter the situation. And I love them all.

What are some good books/authors you’ve read who had hot paranormal heroes? I’d love to discuss this with you in the comments! Also, below is an excerpt from my latest release, Harvest Moon. After that, be sure to check out the giveaway!

Harvest Moon

By the time they’d finished dinner, Maddy felt an odd combination of wrung out emotionally and at the same time, more aroused than she’d ever been in her life. The arousal pushed everything else to the background, even the fear and hurt she’d felt with Eli over the years. Instead, she felt like she’d scream if she didn’t feel her mates’ hands all over her. Both her mates.

The check came and Donovan grabbed it.

“I was going to pay,” Eli said.

“You can get it next time.” Donovan pulled out his wallet.

Eli glanced at Maddy.

“Don’t look at me,” she said. “This is between you two.” Then, concerned it might sound like she was looking for a free ride, she said, “I’ll get it some other time.”

Eli pulled his wallet out, too. “I’ll get the tip, then.”

He and Donovan locked gazes. Maddy felt great to not be at the center of the disagreement for once.

“Fine,” Donovan said. “And when you pay next time, I’ll get the tip.”

Heaven save her from testosterone. “Just hurry up.” She hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but suddenly both men were staring at her.

A slow grin spread across Donovan’s face. “Why, Maddy. You’re not horny, are you?”

Maddy could feel her face growing hot. Damn blushes. She didn’t usually blush so often, but with these two around she couldn’t seem to stop.

“We’re going to have to do something about that,” Eli said, his voice deeper than she’d ever heard it before.

The sound sent a jolt through her body. Maddy sucked in her breath. “Just hurry up,” she said again, not caring that this time both men laughed.

While Donovan flagged down the waitress and handed over his credit card, Eli put his hand on Maddy’s leg and squeezed. A rush of pure lust ricocheted through her body. Maddy closed her eyes against the onslaught.

When she opened them again, Eli was leaning near her, looking at her face. “Tell me you didn’t close your eyes because I touched you. Because…because it was me.”

Her lips curved as she put her hand over his. “That’s exactly why,” she said softly. “Because you touched me. You, my mate.”

A second passed, then Eli surged forward and kissed her, hard. Her hand spasmed on his, her heart beating in her ears. As soon as he eased up a little, she kissed him back. His hand rested on the side of her head, rubbing her cheek.

Maddy felt another hand on the back of her head, and breath against her temple. “You two need to save that til we get home.” Donovan’s voice sounded a little rough.

Eli pulled back and Maddy made a little sound of regret.

Donovan turned her head quickly with the hand on the back of her head and kissed her himself. Maddy tightened her grip on Eli’s hand. Her body felt like it was melting. She could almost come without anyone touching her at all.

Donovan pulled back abruptly. “Where’s that waitress?” He released Maddy. “You two go out to the car. I’ll be out as soon as I can. Try not to steam up the windows too much.”

He hadn’t even stopped talking before Eli pulled Maddy to her feet. “Got your purse?”


A mad werewolf chose Lunaville as the perfect hunting ground. He needs new wives to rebuild his harem, and what better place than a town full of wolves? But when he sets his sights on Madison Blake, he runs into trouble–she finds her fated mates before he can grab her.

Maddy, Eli and Donovan face trouble of their own just making their mating work. Maddy and Eli have bad blood between them, history strong enough to keep them apart in spite of the overwhelming mating lust. To find true love, they must not only conquer their own problems but also keep Maddy safe from the mad wolf stalking her.

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    Nice excerpt

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    desi the blonde at msn dot com

    ilove to win blog and read

  3. Pam says:

    I’m a huge fan of paranormal romance. Thank you for sharing that great excerpt and for the giveaway.


  4. JeanMP says:

    Enjoyed the excerpt, want to read more!
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  5. Meghan Stith says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  6. Tabitha says:

    Thanks, everyone! Hope you had a good Halloween!

  7. Angela Fitzgerald says:

    I love all paranormal romance and fantasy. I really, really love shifters. I wish they really existed. You asked for favorites and I’m going to give mine. I’m leaving out all the erotica series because I would have to look them all up. I think these are steamy but not on fire but a couple.

    Jessica Sims: Midnight Liaisons
    Sylvia Day: Marked series & Renegade Angels series
    Heather Killough Walden: Lost Angels series
    Kelley Armstrong: Women of the Underworld series

    J.D. Tyler:Alpha Pack series
    Thea Harrison: Elder Races series
    Heather Killough Walden: Big Bad Wolf series
    Suzanne Wright: Phoenix Pack series(hot)
    Nalini Singh: Psy-Changeling series

    Tina Folsom: Scanguard’s Vampires
    Laura Wright: Mark of the Vampire series
    Sarah McCarty: Shadow Wrangler series
    Laura Wright:Black Dagger Brotherhood series
    Dianne Duvall: Immortal Guardians series

    I’m finally finished but there’s so many more but most are erotica series.

  8. Tabitha says:

    Hi Angela,

    That’s a great list! Kelley Armstrong is one of my all-time favorite authors, and I like Nalini Singh a lot too. I haven’t read the others you listed but I’m going to have to add them to my TBR pile now. Thanks! 🙂

  9. Daniel M says:

    liked the excerpt thanks for the hop

  10. Jennifer says:

    ThankYou for your Awesome Giveaway. I love Paranormal erotic Romances. I really Love Werewolves & Shifters.

  11. Vanessa N. says:

    Great excerpt. Definitely adding this one to my wishlist.

  12. Margaret says:

    Great excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway!
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