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Hunter’s Moon

“Let me get your bag,” Sawyer said. Before she could even protest, he’d pulled it off her shoulder and slung over his own. “Let’s hurry. If we get there before he does, we could spend some time getting to know each other.” By his grin and the tone of his voice, she knew exactly what he meant.

She followed him up the stairs, going slowly. He already had the door open down the hall by the time she reached the top. He disappeared inside and came back a few seconds later without the bags to watch her approach.

“Come on, slowpoke.”

“We still need to eat,” she said.

He snagged her around the waist as soon as she got close enough and pulled her into the room. “Matt has the food. And Matt’s not here.” He walked her back toward the king-sized bed in the middle of the room.

Her body felt like it was on fire, the same as it had every other time he or Matt had touched her. Getting aroused wasn’t the problem.

“You okay?” Sawyer cupped her cheek and lifted her face toward his. “You seem withdrawn.”

“I’m fine. I’m just hungry.”

The door opened and Matt walked inside. “Hey–no starting without me.”

Before he could join the party, she pulled away from Sawyer and grabbed the bag of takeout from Matt. “Food.” She avoided Sawyer’s eyes and headed for the small table in the corner.

Her stomach wasn’t any more settled than it had been a few minutes earlier, but she figured she had two choices–eat food or have sex. She’d get the food down somehow.

Tate took the food containers out of the bag and set them on the table with the little plastic silverware packs and the napkins they’d been given. Claiming one of the two chairs at the table, she opened her box and prepared to dig in.

Matt took the other chair and ate with gusto, but Sawyer sat on the edge of the bed. His gaze felt heavy. Even without looking at him, she knew he was staring at her.

Tate took his box of food and handed it to him. Maybe that would distract him. For the next several minutes, they were all quiet as they ate.

Her stomach handled the burger better than she’d expected, so long as she didn’t think about the men or what would come next. And that was a lot to ask, considering she could feel them, feel where they were in the room, feel every glance that brushed over her, feel their heat. So she kept her eyes on the burger and ignored everything else.

Then Matt wound his legs between hers, resting his calves against her. Her skin burned through her jeans. “Almost done eating?” he said.

“Not quite.” She’d been so intent on her food she hadn’t even noticed that both men had finished. She nodded toward the bed. “You two can get started if you want. I think my food will need to digest first. After I finish eating, I mean.” She took another bite.

“Did she really just say that?” Matt said.

“Something’s bothering her.” Sawyer continued to stare at her. “She wouldn’t tell me what.”

“We’ll get it out of her. For now, hurry up. And you can forget about time to digest. That’s only for swimming.”

She wanted to make some sort of comment about getting thrown in the deep end but that would just get Sawyer going even more.

Matt stood up. “Your suggestion to get started is a good one, though.” He unbuttoned his shirt.


Ebook360Tate did everything she could to save her sister from being kidnaped, but failed. When Sawyer sees Tate lying in the hospital after the beating the kidnaper gave her, he feels rage like he’s never felt before. But it isn’t until Tate and Sawyer go to Lunaville to help hunt down the kidnaper and retrieve Tate’s sister that they meet Matt, their mate…and their lives are changed forever.

Despite wanting to find the nearest bed and complete the mating bond, cops Matt and Sawyer investigate the clues while holding Tate back from getting in the middle of things. But Tate’s the one who finds the biggest clue of all, a scent trail that smells just like the kidnaper. In the midst of following the trail and tracking down clues, Matt and Sawyer try to heal Tate of her biggest wound–the guilt of not being able to stop the kidnaper herself.

This 21,000+ word novella is the second in the Mad Wolf’s Harem series that starts with Harvest Moon.

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