A Minor Shift Cover Reveal and #Shifter #Romance #Excerpt

I have a new story coming out next week!  The short story, A Minor Shift, will launch my new series, the White Fir Bend Cult series.  Check out the cover and excerpt below, and stay tuned for the release next week!


A Minor Shift



Eva crossed a street and strode down the final block of her walk. Her building sat at the end, three stories of red brick. As she neared it, she saw two men standing at the foot of the steps. Two big, well-muscled, lethal-looking men.

Bowie and Kane.

Shit. What part of ‘she had a date’ did Bowie not get? He couldn’t possibly know she’d lied about it.

Eva slowed, wondering if she should turn around. She could go around the block and use the building’s back door instead.

Before she’d made up her mind, Bowie spotted her. He stalked toward her and she couldn’t stop the thrill that raced through her body at the sight. He looked like a predator going after his prey. And damn him, but he looked even better than she remembered, his strawberry blond crew cut just long enough so that his hair had started to curl, his skin tan, his body hard.


And there was that voice, that warm, rumbly voice that touched her in ways it really shouldn’t. She’d forgotten how easily he could warm her up inside with just a word.

“Where’s your date?” His gaze intense, his words had slipped from rumbly to gravel. His lion was perilously close to the surface.

She didn’t want to lie to him again. “What are you doing here?”

He gripped her upper arm. Not too tight, just firmly enough that she’d have to struggle to get away. “Where is he?” His eyes turned from blue to a burnished gold.

This wasn’t like him. He was always so laid back. “Bowie? What’s wrong?”

He leaned his face closer to hers. From anyone else, it would have been an intimidating move but with him, it was intimate. “It makes me crazy to think about you with someone else.”

‘Crazy’ was the right word for it. She’d never seen that look in his eyes before. Should she tell him the truth?

“Where is he?” His hand tightened on her upper arm. “I’m going to fight him, show you that I’m the one you should be with.”


  1. Ann Ivey says:

    Sounds interesting.

  2. Candy says:

    I think I will be adding this to my vast collection of books and TBR on Goodreads. hooked I am for this book.

  3. barbara says:

    I am already hooked. Can’t wait to buy and read story.

  4. Hyacinth Janecyk says:

    OMG sounds awesome. I can’t wait to read it!

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