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I’m part Irish, and growing up we always celebrated St. Patrick’s day by eating corned beef and cabbage for dinner and of course wearing lots of green clothing. I LOVE freshly cooked corned beef but now that I’m an adult, I’ve realized that I seem to lack the gene to cook it. Last St. Patrick’s day, for instance, I tried a new corned beef recipe in the crockpot and ended up with a hockey puck. I choked some of it down but the rest ended up in the garbage. *sigh* I’m a good cook, really I am!

Do you have any St. Patrick’s day stories–or woes? Tell us in the comments below! And make sure to enter the two giveaways. 🙂

In the meantime, check out an excerpt from my story Harvest Moon which will be making an appearance in the Alphas Gone Wild boxed set coming out next week!

Excerpt from Harvest Moon

Donovan Geary loved books. He spent so much time at the library his mother said he should work there. His brother Matt said Donovan should move in.

Lately, the library hadn’t been open as much. One of the two librarians had retired and it took the powers that be a long time to find someone new. He might have considered applying, seeing if he could sweet talk them into letting him have a job he wasn’t qualified for, except he loved the job he had as a park ranger. As much as he loved books, he didn’t think he could spend all of his time cooped up in a building.

He’d heard they’d finally hired a second librarian, which meant they’d be open longer hours again. As he stopped in for the second time that week, he wondered if the new woman would be there–and if he’d know her. He knew pretty much everyone in town; he also knew no one in town was qualified to be a librarian.

Donovan entered the brick building through the “front” door then walked down a little hall to the open doorway that lead into the library proper. As he headed across the open area in front of the check out desk, he got his first glimpse of the mystery librarian.

She was hot. Exactly his fantasy of the naughty librarian, she looked buttoned-up but he could easily picture himself releasing her caramel tresses from that loose bun and fanning them out over her shoulders before kissing her full lips until they turned red.

Then Donovan blinked. He knew her. Didn’t he? He walked closer. Yeah, he knew her. But who was she?

“Madison Blake,” a loud voice said from behind him. “I never thought you’d come back to Lunaville. Ever.” Lisa Griegson, a lanky blonde who did, indeed, have a big mouth, swept by him toward the desk.

Madison Blake? That sexy librarian was shy little Maddy?

His fantasies immediately flipped onto their side. He pictured himself curing her of her shyness by tutoring her to become a temptress in bed. He could do it, too. And he’d love every second.

Donovan wanted to talk to Maddy, but Lisa stood at the desk chattering away. Talking to Maddy in front of Lisa would be a big mistake–Lisa gossiped and exaggerated better than anyone he’d ever met. Saying hello to Maddy would mean half the town knew about their “wild affair” before the end of the day.

Instead, he headed for the fiction section. He’d almost finished every science fiction novel they had. Pretty soon he’d start in on the mysteries.

A half hour later, he emerged, looking forward to charming Maddy while she checked out his books. But instead, the head librarian sat at the desk and Maddy was nowhere in sight.

Squashing the disappointment in his chest, he promised himself he’d read as fast as he could so he could come back soon and see her.


Maddy had been working at the library for a couple of weeks the first time the head librarian, Denise, asked her to man the place by herself. It was only the two of them, so Maddy had known from the start that there’d be times when she was alone. Truth be told, she preferred it that way.

She sat at the desk checking out books and answering questions while townspeople filtered through. Most of them had already welcomed her back to Lunaville, so she was having to have fewer and fewer awkward conversations about that, at least. Living in New York, she’d forgotten how “small town” Lunaville could be.

One of her friends from junior high, Lisa, stopped by the desk when she finally had a lull. “How’re you holding up? Ready to run for the hills yet?”

“Not quite yet, but check back in an hour,” Maddy said. Lisa was one of the few people she could talk to.

“Some of us are going to the bar tonight. Want to come?”

Going to the bar meant loud music, screaming just to be heard, drunk men hitting on her and fighting through a crowd to get to the bathroom. The bar was the last place she wanted to go. But she couldn’t stay cooped up in her apartment all the time, either. “Sure, okay. Maybe for an hour or so.”

A smell hit Maddy, the scent of freshly printed books and soda pop fizz and home.

Lisa said something else, but Maddy didn’t hear it. A need washed over her, moving her almost against her will. Maddy grabbed Lisa’s hand. “My mates.” She’d heard about this, heard about the unique, intoxicating scent that appeared when all three mates came into close enough proximity. And everyone described the scent differently, like it was tuned in to their very favorite things.

Lisa squealed as Maddy walked away, around the desk to the open area in front of it. She headed toward the hallway leading to the front doors. Where were they? Two men, one woman. That’s how it always was. Where were her men?

Out of the corner of her eye, Maddy saw a man catapult around the corner, coming from the fiction section. He stopped a few feet away from her.

Donovan Geary.

She smiled. She’d always found him attractive with his dark hair and eyes. Sort of mysterious and movie-star like. Donovan Geary. Her mate.

He moved toward her, a little more slowly now, and pulled her into his arms. “Hey,” he whispered in her ear.

“Hey.” She squeezed him tight. He felt as solid as a concrete block.

Donovan moved his head a little, then a little more, til his lips were millimeters from hers. Then he kissed her, more than a peck but less than a five-alarm-fire. When he pulled back, he didn’t pull back far. “Where’s our third?”


Some alphas are too wild to tame, but our sassy heroines enjoy a beast in the sheets. It’s feminine wiles and wanton shenanigans as each of these ladies comes up against the man of her dreams.

Alphas Gone Wild features 11 sizzling hot tales of shapeshifter romance from NY Times and USA Today best selling authors. 99 cents for a limited time!

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  2. Mary Hooper says:

    The excerpt was hot. The book looks awesome! I can’t wait to read it. Happy St Patrick’s Day. Thanks for the opportunity

  3. Wendy Mitchell says:

    Since both of my paternal grandparents were Irish immigrants, I was immersed from birth I to Irish culture. They did St. Patrick’s day up big time, and I like to think that I do their memory proud.

    blueshedevil32 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. jodi marinich says:

    thanks for the chance

  5. Melissa says:

    Thank you for the chance and yes I did wear green on Tuesday 🙂

  6. Christina M says:

    Can’t wait to read it.

  7. Jana L says:

    Enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks.

  8. Christina Gonzalez says:

    I would love to read this story. Thank you for the chance to win.

  9. Donna n. says:

    Actually none that I can remember LOL .. it’s been so long since I have gone out on St Patty’s day.

  10. tammy S says:

    Thank you… enjoyed the excerpt. this sound like fun… 🙂

  11. Zeinab Dh says:

    Thank you for the chance good luck everyone I hope to be one of the winners

  12. Anonymous says:

    Bought the alphas gone wild can’t wait to read!

  13. GmaTeri says:

    Dang it that was me! I bought it and I can’t wait to read it! Lol

  14. Cathy says:

    Thanks for the chance. I am currently reading an ARC of Alphas gone wild and I am loving it so far.

  15. Donna says:

    I bought Alphas Gone Wild on Amazon, and can’t wait to get into it. Dog-gone real life is interfering with my reading.:)

  16. Barbara says:

    Awesome giveaway thanks for the chance

  17. Vanessa N. says:

    Loved the excerpt. Congrats on the new release.

  18. I didn’t wear green but I love Tabithas books

  19. Angela Thomas says:

    I would so love to have this box set and thanks for the chance

  20. Not Irish or a fan of cabbage, but a well made corned beef brisket is pure heaven! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  21. Christina says:

    Hope to win and ty for the chance

  22. Christina says:

    Hope 2 win

  23. erinf1 says:

    looks and sounds awesome! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  24. Valerie says:

    What a wonderful box set and ebook. I would love to have these. Thank you for the chance.

  25. Felicia Sidoma says:

    I love to read anthos. With this one I get more than just one Alpha I get several of them.

  26. Morgan Van Lier says:

    Sounds great. Thanks for the chance.

  27. Anne says:

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  28. Betul E. says:

    Love the excerpt!

  29. Michelle DeLeon says:

    No St. Paddy’s stories, sorry! Great excerpt, looking forward to reading the whole story along with the others in the set!

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