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Did you read Charmed in Vegas? Then you saw an excerpt of my upcoming release, Betting on Bear. It’ll be out next week, but in the meantime, check out the gorgeous cover and scroll down for a quick excerpt and to enter a contest!


Excerpt from Betting on Bear:

Hardiman struggled to get control of himself. When he’d broken into the room, he’d just been worried. But when he’d seen the room was empty and realized the only place Krena and the prisoner could be was in the bathroom together, he’d seen red.

Naya Krena was his.

Even if he’d never have the guts to tell her.

As the silence stretched out and she didn’t answer, he asked again. “Where is he?” As usual, the words came out too rough. He’d never been good with women, but with Krena he was a downright idiot. That’s why he had never attempted to woo her. He’d undoubtedly do it wrong.

Krena fingered the edge of the tiny white towel that covered far too little of her body. “He’s not here.”

“I can see that.” Knowing she hadn’t been fucking the prisoner in the shower had helped him regain a lot of his control. But Krena always pushed his buttons and if she didn’t answer soon, he’d lose it again.

He wished she’d trust him. That was what got him going. He wanted her to rely on him, but when she didn’t, he went and said something stupid and surly and made her mad.

She finally met his eyes. “Could you leave for a few minutes? I’d like to get dressed before you nail me to the fountain.”

He let the fountain comment slip by as his gaze slid over her curvy legs. She was always saying things like that, things to do with water and fountains, and making obscure references to Greek myths. He’d started reading Bulfinch’s just so he’d understand her.

Once he’d gotten his fill of her legs, he took a look at her bare arms, seeing a light green and brown tattoo he’d never seen before—leaves and vines twining around her upper arm. It looked like the greenery reached onto her back, and he wanted to see where it led. What would he see against her smooth skin? What would it feel like if he touched it?

When Naya cleared her throat, he realized he’d taken two steps in her direction.

He mentally shook himself. Right. She wanted to change. “Of course,” he said. “I’ll be in the hall.” He backed up, passed the wrecked bathroom door then lifted the hall door in order to open it wide enough to leave. Pulling it closed was just as difficult; it hung on its hinges, a little bit cockeyed. That was what happened to things that came between a bear and his mate.


Sherriff’s deputy and naiad Naya Krena wakes with no memory of the last night, only to discover she’s lost the prisoner she was supposed to deliver to Vegas detective and bear shifter Brick Hardiman—and Hardiman is knocking on her door.

Hardiman’s got a big secret—Naya’s his fated mate. But his surly, bearish personality makes it hard to tell her. Meanwhile, Hardiman did her wrong her in the past and Naya hasn’t forgotten. If they can’t learn how to get over their differences, their future looks bleak.

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