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Sherriff’s deputy and naiad Naya Krena wakes with no memory of the last night, only to discover she’s lost the prisoner she was supposed to deliver to Vegas detective and bear shifter Brick Hardiman—and Hardiman is knocking on her door.

Hardiman’s got a big secret—Naya’s his fated mate. But his surly, bearish personality makes it hard to tell her. Meanwhile, Hardiman did her wrong her in the past and Naya hasn’t forgotten. If they can’t learn how to get over their differences, their future looks bleak.

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Excerpt from Betting on Bear:

Naya slowly closed her mouth, then swallowed. “Well…” Was Hardiman really not going to turn her in? Had she somehow slipped into an alternate universe?

When he glowered at her, she quickly gathered her thoughts. “I remember taking Sneezy to this local diner. The only places that would deliver to this hotel were off the charts expensive, and I didn’t want to blow my per diem.”

“What time?”

“Dinnertime.” When he frowned, she added, “I think it was around six or six thirty. I remember the place was pretty empty, and when the food arrived, we found out why. We ate as much as we could force down and then– That’s it. I don’t remember another thing until waking up this morning.” She motioned toward her bed and its rumpled sheets.

Hardiman glanced at the bed. When he turned back around, the look on his face was intent, his eyes hooded. If she didn’t know better, she’d say he was thinking about sex. But Hardiman, think about sex? They’d sooner see Artemis get married.

He was kind of cute though, in a big, bear-like, behemoth of a man kind of way.

And now she was the one who needed her head checked. Hardiman was the man out to get her. Not cute.

He turned the vials over in his hands. “Did you find anything else that didn’t belong, or just these?”

“Just those. But I didn’t really look.”

He stood. “Let’s look.”

And wouldn’t you know, he headed straight for her suitcase. She might not remember her evening, but she remembered the flimsy lingerie she favored, and that she’d thrown her dirty underthings into the suitcase when she got dressed that morning. “Stop!”

He flung the suitcase top open and looked back at her. “What?”

Naya raced to his side. “What are you doing?”

“Searching. This is the most likely—” His gaze fell onto the lacy panties lying on top. He took a deep breath. Red flashed up his neck and engulfed his ears.

A breath—the dirty shifter was smelling her underwear. She shoved him out of the way and slammed the suitcase shut. “You go search someplace else.”

He chuckled, his ears still pink. “Yes, ma’am.”

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