Friday’s the Day to Pick Up The Alpha’s Secret for .99! + New Excerpt


The Alpha’s Secret will be available on Amazon (US and UK) and Barnes and Noble for just $0.99 for one day only. If you’ve been thinking about buying this third installment of the Stonewall Pack Alpha series, Friday, March 29th is the day to do it!

Here’s a blurb and new excerpt from The Alpha’s Secret to whet your appetite:

Werewolves mate in threesomes in this world where packs operate just under the surface of everyday life. Private investigators Gavin and Liam find their mate, Bridget, while on a case. But in spite of the mating lust riding all three of them, Bridget resists the urge. Something stronger than the mating lust keeps her from committing. Meanwhile, Gavin and Liam discover treachery in her past. Can they unravel the clues to both mysteries so all three of them can come together at last?


Bridget parked down the block from The Weeping Widow, a pub/tavern that claimed roots back in the colonial days. It certainly looked the part, with its wood timbers and dark interior. When Bridget told the hostess who she was meeting, she was told they hadn’t arrived yet, and was seated at a table for four. She glanced at her watch. Noon, on the nose. At least she hadn’t been late again.

A couple of minutes later, Bridget felt a powerful tingling, just like she had the night before on the phone. The outside door opened, and the most delicious smell wafted inside. It smelled like forest and sex and home. She couldn’t imagine what it was, but she had to find out. She stood to go look.

Her eyes met those of two wolves. From across the room, she couldn’t scent them to know they were wolves, but she just knew. Just as she knew what the scent meant, and who they were.

Her mates.

Bridget’s pulse pounded in her neck. She didn’t want mates. She’d never wanted mates. Shit. She sat down.

The two wolves walked quickly across the room to her, but she wouldn’t meet their eyes. She fought the urge to run. Their chairs scraped across the floor as they sat down.

“That’s why…” one of them said.

The other said, “Yeah. That’s why.” He reached out and took her hand where it rested on the table.


She jerked and looked up at him, immediately caught by his eyes like a rabbit in a trap.

“We can skip lunch,” the other one said. “Find a hotel somewhere.”

The mating urge must be riding him hard. Hell, it was riding her hard. Her body had turned to a soft mush all centered between her legs. If she weren’t so scared, she’d be dragging them out of the restaurant and finding the nearest alley. She pulled her hand away.

“I’m Gavin,” the big one said. His dark hair and chocolate eyes made him exactly what she’d always found attractive—big, dark and sexy. If only he weren’t her mate.

“Liam,” the other one said. He wasn’t small, either, though he didn’t have the big muscles Gavin did. Liam was slimmer, lean and mean, his hair cut short in a dark buzz cut. His eyes were a striking blue.

She wasn’t sure what to say, so she went with the obvious. “I’m Bridget.” Her voice sounded small.

Neither of them would take their eyes off her. She felt naked and exposed.

“Let’s get lunch,” Gavin said. He flipped open his menu.

Liam gave a very faint whine, his wolf protesting the delay. He continued to gaze at Bridget. “I never thought I’d be lucky enough to have mates.”

Bridget couldn’t take it. She stood, dropping her napkin onto her seat. “I’ll be right back.” Then she fled to the bathroom.

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