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Halloween Freebies and Cheapies


Who says Halloween treats are only for kids?


Come check out over 50 free and $0.99 paranormal romance books from some of your favorite authors in the Halloween Freebie & Cheapy Treats Special hosted by Paranormal Romance Lovers from Oct. 30-Nov. 1!

Time for some trick or treat.

My book Harvest Moon is $0.99 for a short time only as part of the Halloween Freebie and Cheapy event. Check out an excerpt below. Enjoy!

Excerpt:Harvest Moon

The new librarian was perfect. Soft and sweet and shy. Since he’d come into town, the man had looked for women good enough to be his new wives. So far, he’d found only one. But the new librarian would make a beautiful second wife.

Now all he had to do was watch and wait for the right time to take her.


Maddy had been working at the library for a couple of weeks the first time the head librarian, Denise, asked her to man the place by herself. It was only the two of them, so Maddy had known from the start that there’d be times when she was alone. Truth be told, she preferred it that way.

She sat at the desk checking out books and answering questions while townspeople filtered through. Most of them had already welcomed her back to Lunaville, so she was having to have fewer and fewer awkward conversations about that, at least. Living in New York, she’d forgotten how “small town” Lunaville could be.

One of her friends from junior high, Lisa, stopped by the desk when she finally had a lull. “How’re you holding up? Ready to run for the hills yet?”

“Not quite yet, but check back in an hour,” Maddy said. Lisa was one of the few people she could talk to.

“Some of us are going to the bar tonight. Want to come?”

Going to the bar meant loud music, screaming just to be heard, drunk men hitting on her and fighting through a crowd to get to the bathroom. The bar was the last place she wanted to go. But she couldn’t stay cooped up in her apartment all the time, either. “Sure, okay. Maybe for an hour or so.”

A smell hit Maddy, the scent of freshly printed books and soda pop fizz and home.

Lisa said something else, but Maddy didn’t hear it. A need washed over her, moving her almost against her will. Maddy grabbed Lisa’s hand. “My mates.”

Lisa squealed as Maddy walked away, around the desk to the open area in front of it. She headed toward the hallway leading to the front doors. Where were they?

Out of the corner of her eye, Maddy saw a man catapult around the corner, coming from the fiction section. He stopped a few feet away from her.

Donovan Geary.

She smiled. She’d always found him attractive with his dark hair and eyes. Sort of mysterious and movie-star like. Donovan Geary. Her mate.

He moved toward her, a little more slowly now, and pulled her into his arms. “Hey,” he whispered in her ear.

“Hey.” She squeezed him tight. He felt as solid as a concrete block.

Donovan moved his head a little, then a little more, til his lips were millimeters from hers. Then he kissed her, more than a peck but less than a five-alarm-fire. When he pulled back, he didn’t pull back far. “Where’s our third?”

They both turned their heads to one side then the other. Maddy spotted him first. Before the knowledge even hit her brain, her knees gave out.



In a world where werewolves mate in threes…

A mad werewolf chose Lunaville as the perfect hunting ground. He needs new wives to rebuild his harem, and what better place than a town full of wolves? But when he sets his sights on Madison Blake, he runs into trouble–she finds her fated mates before he can grab her.

Maddy, Eli and Donovan face trouble of their own just making their mating work. Maddy and Eli have bad blood between them, history strong enough to keep them apart in spite of the overwhelming mating lust. To find true love, they must not only conquer their own problems but also keep Maddy safe from the mad wolf stalking her.

This 20,000+ word novella is the first in the Mad Wolf’s Harem series, which is set in the same world as Protecting the Pack and the Stonewall Pack Alpha series. HEA included.

Freebies and Cheapies. Be there or be a pumpkin.

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