The Holiday Mystery Giveaway Starts Today!


IRpresents1Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is all but over, let’s have some fun–the Insatiable Reads Holiday Mystery Giveaway starts today!

Here’s what that means:

1. Twelve awesome books discounted, many to just $0.99 for the entire event.  (Links below and on!)

2. One big giveaway of a Kindle Fire and gift cards (more books!).  (Also on!)

3. Twelve mystery giveaways, one for each author’s mailing list you join while entering the big giveaway.

Since the way you enter the big Kindle Fire giveaway is by joining the authors’ mailing lists, that means you’re really entering TWO giveaways with each entry–for a possible total of thirteen different giveaways!

What are the mystery prizes? Mum’s the word!  You’ll have to join each mailing list to find out.  Every author is giving away something different (and in some cases very expensive designer items). The more lists you subscribe to, the more prizes you could win!

So, you’re already a subscriber of my list?  You should be getting an email about the giveaway any time now (if you haven’t already).  Just by opening that email, you’ll be entered into my mystery contest.  Just one thing–sometimes the list software doesn’t “recognize” that an email has been opened unless you download the images.  So please download the images for this particular email just to make sure your entry is recorded.

(Required Small Print: Due to shipping constraints, this giveaway is open to US residents only. Winner will be selected by from the pool of subscribers who subscribe during this event or who are already subscribers and who open the event email during the event time period. Winner will be contacted via email and announced by January 1, 2014 on the Tabitha Conall Facebook page. Prizes will be shipped no later than January 6, 2014.  Also, please note that while book prices are accurate at the time I create this blog post, they are not guaranteed and can change without warning. Double check the price before you buy! End of required small print.)

Ebook360My new novella Hunter’s Moon will be just $0.99 for the entire Holiday Mystery Giveaway event!

Tate did everything she could to save her sister from being kidnaped, but failed. When Sawyer sees Tate lying in the hospital after the beating the kidnaper gave her, he feels rage like he’s never felt before. But it isn’t until Tate and Sawyer go to Lunaville to help hunt down the kidnaper and retrieve Tate’s sister that they meet Matt, their mate…and their lives are changed forever.

Despite wanting to find the nearest bed and complete the mating bond, cops Matt and Sawyer investigate the clues while holding Tate back from getting in the middle of things. But Tate’s the one who finds the biggest clue of all, a scent trail that smells just like the kidnaper. In the midst of following the trail and tracking down clues, Matt and Sawyer try to heal Tate of her biggest wound–the guilt of not being able to stop the kidnaper herself.

This 22,000+ word novella is the second in the Mad Wolf’s Harem series that starts with Harvest Moon.  It can be read as a stand-alone.

Amazon US Kindle
Amazon UK Kindle
Barnes and Noble Nook

Also discounted:

Something Borrowed (New Adult BBW Romance) by Adriana Hunter

Skin Deep by Dez Burke

Taming a Dark Heart by Terry Towers

Reckless Curves 2 by Sienna Stapleton

Havana Curves – A BBW Historical Romance Novel by D.H. Cameron

The Warlord’s Concubine (A Fantasy Romance Novel) by J.E. Keep and M. Keep

Hopelessly Broken (A New Adult romance) by Tamryn Ward / Tawny Taylor

Dear Rockstar (New Adult Romance) by Emme Rollins

Psychic Urban Fantasy Romance: Psychic Appeal by Michelle McCleod

Bottoms Up (Purgatory Club) by Eliza Gayle

Dominating Billionaires – The Complete Series Bundle (Erotic Romance) by Malia Mallory

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