Paranormal Fragment Friday: Hunter’s Moon

Adriatic street What did it take to make a werewolf cry? Sawyer Hansen stood next to the hospital bed, machines beeping and whooshing around him. Slowly, Tate McKenna opened her eyes to focus on him. Her face looked puffy and discolored. Worse, he could see dried tears caking her eyelashes.

Sawyer wanted to find the man who’d done this and tear him to pieces with his teeth and claws. He had never felt so livid standing at a victim’s bedside. He’d visited plenty of hospitals and plenty of victims, seen them beat up, cut up, torn up, but this time he could barely contain his rage.

When he spoke, his voice had taken on the rumble of his wolf, and he was glad no humans were near. “Who did this?”

Tate swallowed. “I couldn’t stop him.” Her voice sounded scratchy and strained, and he could see why. Purple and black marks ringed her neck. The man had strangled her.

Claws sprung out of the tips of his fingers. He’d never been so close to a change in such a public place. “Who?”

“Don’t know,” she whispered. “Didn’t know him.”

Sawyer took a deep breath, trying to get control of himself again. He couldn’t change in the hospital with all these humans around. And he couldn’t be half-changed because a nurse could walk in at any second and see him. He waited until his claws had retracted and the wolf had receded to an angry distance.

After he’d pulled the guest chair to the bedside and sat down, Sawyer said, “Can you tell me what happened?”

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