The Alpha’s Legacy, An MMF Erotic Romance


An overwhelming mating lust pulls mates together in this world where werewolves mate in threesomes. Sheriff Caleb Couteux comes to Marysburg to investigate Ted Seabolt, former Alpha of Stonewall pack, but gets more than he bargained for when he discovers his mates. Best friends for years, Fiona and Grady fought the love between them until the mating lust draws them together…with Caleb. But Grady sees Caleb as an interloper, and Caleb feels left out of their twosome. Can they solve their relationship problems in time to face the trouble to come?

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Fiona pulled her two men into her room. She didn’t think she’d ever been so turned on in her life. And the two of them…oh, how lucky she’d gotten with her mates. She’d loved Grady for years. She could finally admit it. And Caleb sparked that same feeling in her that she’d always felt with Grady. More than a lover, more than a friend, just more.

Once the door swung shut, she twined her arms around Grady’s neck and pulled him down for a kiss. He held her tight, his fingers digging into the muscles of her back before moving lower to squeeze her ass.

Her pussy exploded in a rush of liquid heat. As her own hands roamed over Grady’s shoulders and muscular arms, Caleb brushed her hair off the side of her neck and laid kisses from her ear to her shoulder.

Grady came up for air and as soon as their lips parted, Caleb pulled her around into another kiss. This time she hugged him around his waist so she had full access to the tight buns in his Wranglers. Behind her, Grady tugged on the bottom of her shirt. Caleb released her only long enough for Grady to pull it over her head.

The feel of her mates’ hands on her bare skin nearly drove her mad. She wanted to bite them both, now. No waiting, no foreplay, just straight to the bonding. And she’d have done it, too, except bonding was like losing your virginity—you could only do it once. She didn’t want to screw it up just because she felt impatient.

Instead, she pulled Caleb’s shirt out of his jeans. He helped her and once they had it free he yanked it over his head and dropped it on the floor.

“Whoa, mama,” Fiona said.

Caleb laughed. “What?”

“Look at those muscles. Are you seeing this, Grady? Our mate is beautiful.”

Caleb held her shoulders and looked her up and down. “You’re the one who’s beautiful. You’re my perfect woman, strong and curvy.”

Grady’s hands slipped around her from behind to cup her breasts. “I agree. They’re just the right size for my hands.”

The feel of him kneading her breasts made Fiona moan.

Grady ran the tip of his tongue along her throat. “Can’t wait to bite you,” he said.

“Me either.” Caleb dropped to his knees and got to work unbuttoning and unzipping her pants. He pushed her pants down her legs slowly, his hands skimming along her bare flesh.

Fiona put one hand on the top of Caleb’s head, while the other reached back to touch Grady’s cheek. A thrill ran through her as she remembered yet again that this wasn’t temporary. She could keep these two men for the rest of her life.

Caleb helped her step out of her pants then he lifted up on his knees, face to face with her panties. “To take them off or not to take them off. That is the question.”

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