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ValentinesDayGiftHopIf I had to build my best Valentine’s Day, it would start by being on a Saturday…not a weekday, where I have to rush home from work before going out. And on that Saturday, I’d spend the day with my man…maybe starting with a leisurely morning at home and then going somewhere fun in the afternoon. That might be a movie or (for a geek like me) a visit to a museum.

No matter where we went, we’d have to get home in time to dress up for dinner. I’m thinking little black dress and my best jewelry. And then it’s off to a nice restaurant…and in this case, “nice” to me is more about good food than high price. The most important thing, of course, being that my man and I can spend that time together.

And when we get home from dinner…ah, well. I’ll leave that up to your imagination. 🙂

What is your best Valentine’s Day?

In the excerpt below, Matt, Sawyer and Tate hurry through a very un-Valentine’s like dinner before bonding with each other. Enjoy! Then check out the giveaways below that. Please remember that every comment not only qualifies for my giveaway, but also for the grand prize giveaway of a Kindle Paperwhite and a digital new adult romance basket! I’m also participating in some other blog hops right now–feel free to enter those giveaways before returning here to continue the Valentine’s Day hop! (Just check out the links in the sidebar under “Blog Hops.”)

Hunter’s Moon

After heaving a dramatic sigh, Tate said, “Fine. We can go to the hotel. But you’re taking me to that place tomorrow morning.”

Not on her life. But since he’d won this round, Sawyer kept quiet. “The hotel.”

“Maybe some dinner first,” Matt said from behind them. “We could stop at the diner. They’re fast.”

“Do they do takeout?” Tate said.

Sawyer squeezed her. “If they don’t, we can ask for boxes as soon as they bring out the food.”

When she laughed, he could feel the reverberations in his own chest. He buried his face in her neck, just breathing in the scent of her. Would he ever regain his balance? Or would he always feel this giddy, frantic need to have her as close as he could get her? He wanted to be wrapped around her, inside her, and her inside him.

Someone put a hand on Sawyer’s shoulder; as soon as Sawyer felt it, he knew it was Matt because of the heady feeling that rushed through him with all three of them touching.

“Diner,” Matt said. “Let’s hurry.”

Sawyer squeezed Tate one more time then gently pushed her in front of him toward the door. Matt called out a few last words to Caleb then followed them out to the parking lot.

“You drive,” Matt said.

Sawyer pulled his keys out. “How come?”

“Cause if I leave my car here all night, no one will tow it. Can’t say the same for yours.”

“So that’s how they treat outsiders here?” Sawyer opened the passenger door of his SUV and lifted Tate into the seat, even while she protested that she could climb in herself.

“No, that’s how they treat cops here,” Matt said. “Remember that. If you join the force here, you’ll have it good.”

“And until then, my car will be towed.” Sawyer climbed into the driver’s seat and started up the vehicle while Matt got into the back.

“I really could get in myself,” Tate said.

“I know, honey, but I wanted an excuse to touch you.” Plus, he’d seen the trouble she’d had climbing into the front seat when they’d driven here from Eagle Valley. But he didn’t think she’d appreciate it if he mentioned that.

“Oh,” Tate said. “Well, all right. You don’t really need an excuse, though.”

It was a good thing he’d stopped at a light because he couldn’t have kept his eyes on the road after that comment. “You sure we need to go to this diner?”

“Yes,” Matt said. “One of us only got a stale donut for lunch.”

“Then one of us needs to start eating better,” Tate said. “But I have to agree. I could really go for a burger.”

“And we need to keep our energy up for the long night ahead,” Matt said. He pointed through the gap in the seats. “There it is.”

A few minutes later, they stood by the counter while the cook fixed their orders.

Ebook360Tate did everything she could to save her sister from being kidnaped, but failed. When Sawyer sees Tate lying in the hospital after the beating the kidnaper gave her, he feels rage like he’s never felt before. But it isn’t until Tate and Sawyer go to Lunaville to help hunt down the kidnaper and retrieve Tate’s sister that they meet Matt, their mate…and their lives are changed forever.

Despite wanting to find the nearest bed and complete the mating bond, cops Matt and Sawyer investigate the clues while holding Tate back from getting in the middle of things. But Tate’s the one who finds the biggest clue of all, a scent trail that smells just like the kidnaper. In the midst of following the trail and tracking down clues, Matt and Sawyer try to heal Tate of her biggest wound–the guilt of not being able to stop the kidnaper herself.

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  1. laurie g says:

    thanks for the wonderful giveway

  2. Samantha Loving says:

    my best valentines day is just hanging out at home.

  3. Cindi A Clubbs says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m going to be drinking wine and eating chocolate alone then rolling out of bed the next morning to see if I won this hop! lol

    cc_clubbs at yahoo dot com

  4. Trix says:

    Your itinerary sounds great (especially the museum)…I’d add visits to a coffeehouse and a book or record store!


  5. Elise-Maria Barton says:

    Lol @Cindi~ same here. Have a good one everybody!

  6. Kristen says:

    A weekend away will be my plans this year!

  7. Kalliope says:

    Great excerpt 😉 Well, I happen not having celebrated Valentine’s day yet. Weird but true.
    Thank you for being part of this hop, and for your giveaway 🙂

  8. Marie says:

    We are participating in my sister’s wedding, she gets married 2/15/14.

  9. Ana says:

    Mmm…my favorite valentine…it hasn’t happened yet.

  10. Renee says:

    Loved your valentines plans. ours will be quiet. Thanks.

  11. Wanda C. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Just planning a quiet night at home with the hubby.

  12. Melissa C. says:

    looks good

  13. amy bowens says:

    Really enjoyed your excerpt of Hunter’s Moon sounds amazing! My V-day plans are going out to dinner with the hubby and the kids nothing special! Thanks for sharing

  14. Renee B says:

    We rarely go out on Valentines Day because it is just too crazy; the restaurants are crowded, the wait is long, the service is mediocre, I always feel rushed, and the prices are inflated. It’s just not worth it. ….. So we have a romantic dinner at home and we’ll call it date night. 😀

    Thanks for being part of this fun hop and for the chance to win.
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. Mary says:

    The ones where both my daughters used to bring me home valentines. They don’t anymore. I miss that so much!

    mary_reiss @

  16. Shannon Greathouse says:

    I want to send the kids to bed early so me and the man can spend some much needed quiet time together. A few Reeses hearts would help too.Love those!

    majecscontesttx at gmail dot com

  17. Eva Millien says:

    Reading a great book! Thanks for sharing the hop and your giveaway. Happy V Day evamillien at gmail dot com

  18. Natasha says:

    I usually stay home and read a book.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  19. heather eg kaufman says:

    An evening at home with the family is perfect for me.

    ncprincess96 at yahoo dot com

  20. Daniel M says:

    never had a best v-day

  21. Michele M says:

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway

  22. BookLady says:

    My best Valentine’s Day is sharing a romantic candlelight dinner with my husband.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. Courtney T says:

    For my husband and I, Valentine’s Day is perfect if we get to spend time together. We are simple, we don’t need to have fancy presents or a fancy dinner. Time together is so precious

  24. shadowluvs2read says:

    Hi! Happy Valentines! I dont really have any plans. Im staying in and reading. ​Thank you for sharing and for ​the amazing giveaway!

  25. bn100 says:

    Nice excerpt

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  26. Shannon Blackwell-Williams says:

    Thanks for helping with giveaway!!

  27. Kimberly Talbot says:

    It’s just another day around here.

  28. Vanessa N. says:

    Great excerpt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. JanD says:

    Haven’t had a Valentine’s Day that I would consider the best.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

  30. Joy F says:

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  31. Sherry S. says:

    Loved the excerpt. This sounds like it will be a great read.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  32. Jenn Oldaker says:

    Thanks for the great blog hop! 🙂 Happy Valentine’s to all! jjo7796 at hotmail dot com

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