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I used to think the sparks flew best in the middle of a really hot sex scene. And heaven knows, they can. But the more I read and the more I wrote, the more I realized the sparks fly best when there’s something keeping the would-be lovers apart.

I played around with that idea in writing The Alpha’s Secret, the story of three werewolves destined to be together. Gavin and Liam are more than willing to accept that the three of them have been joined by fate and the only thing to do is jump into the nearest bed.

The problem is Bridget. She’s never wanted mates and always hoped she wouldn’t find hers. And in spite of knowing very well that Gavin and Liam are her mates, she still fights it.  Problem is, the mating urge is pushing her toward them just as hard as she’s pulling away.

In the scene below, Bridget’s meddling sister has invited her new mates to a family dinner…and conveniently “forgotten” to let Bridget know. Bridget’s trapped between them at the table, doing her best to ignore them both. You can see how much luck she has with that.

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The Alpha’s Secret

Jake, the Alpha of Stonewall pack and Deirdre’s mate, raised his glass. “To Gavin and Liam. Welcome to the family.”

“Hey!” He shouldn’t be welcoming them to the family when she didn’t even want them. As mates.

Her Alpha speared her with his gaze. “I trust that you’re all going to work this out. So there’s no reason not to go ahead and welcome them.”

She wanted to walk out. Even if Jake would let her—doubtful—she couldn’t get past Gavin and Liam. So she stayed put.

Jake raised his glass. “Again, welcome!”

This time, Bridget stayed quiet, and everyone drank. She felt like a heel, so she also took a sip. She didn’t want to hurt her mates. She just didn’t want to be mated to them.

Gavin reached over and put his hand on her leg. The warmth sank through her pants and seared her thigh.

She should make him stop. She should push his hand away. But God, it felt good.

When she didn’t push Gavin away, Liam reached over and put his hand on her other thigh, squeezing it and rubbing it with his thumb.

Torture. How was she supposed to stay away from them when all she wanted was to rip their clothes off?

She put her hands over theirs, fully intending to push them away, but found herself twining her fingers with theirs instead. Both men looked at her, Gavin with a wary look on his face, and Liam with a smile.

Damian broke in. “So Deirdre tells us you’re detectives?”

Tearing his gaze away from her, Gavin said, “I’m the detective. Liam’s been shadowing me the past few weeks to see if he wants to become one himself.”

“I just got out of the Army.” Liam squeezed her leg again. “I need a job but I have a little cushion, so I’m looking at my options. Being a PI seems like a pretty good one.”

“Marysburg is a decent sized city,” Damian said. “I’ll bet there’s plenty of need for detectives here.”

Bridget could kick him. This dinner was like all her worst nightmares of matchmaking relatives combined into one.

“That’s certainly something to consider,” Gavin said. “At the same time, I have an already established practice in Alexandria, and I’m second in my pack. There are a lot of things for the three of us to think about when deciding where to live.”

And with that, Bridget no longer felt like holding their hands. Take her away from her family? Push her around? This is exactly what she didn’t want. She pushed their hands off her legs and released them.

Liam made a small sound of protest, so soft she was sure only she heard it.

On her other side, Gavin leaned in and put his mouth next to her ear, so close she could almost feel his lips brushing her skin. “We’ll make the decision together. The three of us, as a team. I don’t own you, and I don’t want to.”

She shivered.

When he sat back, he put his arm along the back of her chair. His fingers brushed very lightly against the bare skin at the nape of her neck, sending fire streaking through her body. Insufferable man.


Werewolves mate in threesomes in this world where packs operate just under the surface of everyday life. Private investigators Gavin and Liam find their mate, Bridget, while on a case. But in spite of the mating lust riding all three of them, Bridget resists the urge. Something stronger than the mating lust keeps her from committing. Meanwhile, Gavin and Liam discover treachery in her past. Can they unravel the clues to both mysteries so all three of them can come together at last?

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