Worlds Will Collide Soon

My next book is the latest in the Colliding Worlds series. Here’s a recap of where we are so far —

Her Kilted Wolf — This freebie short story kicks off the Colliding Worlds series by springing a surprise on heroine Mattie as she walks through the stone halls of a Scottish castle — she scents her mate.

Her Forbidden Alpha — Finding his mate should be the biggest day of Darius’ life, but his mate is no ordinary woman — Aislinn is the daughter of the General of a major human supremacist group who would do almost anything to keep from having to see his daughter mated to a wolf.

Her Scottish Alpha — We’re back in that Scottish castle from Her Kilted Wolf to see Scottish Alpha Lachlan find his mate in a dragon slayer. For her part, Keira doesn’t have time to entertain the big wolf’s ideas about a relationship. Her sister and twin slayer has disappeared, along with the dragon shifter they were tracking.

Her Vampire Mate — The new world is getting closer, so Darius sends his sister Jennalynn out to track down a world-walker. Just her luck, the vampires have sent someone after the same world-walker — and Antonio is her mate. She’ll have to duke it out with him to get the world-walker to side with the wolves, and then figure out how the hell she’s going to mate a bloodsucker.

Don’t forget! You can get Her Kilted Wolf for FREE.

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